Specialist Facade Cleaning and Restoration

We specialize in high pressure washing for all stone and facade cleaning; our system delivers water up to 150 degrees centigrade and allows us to drop the water pressure significantly. This means it's the heat, not the pressure, which removes the surface dirt, grime and debris - so you'll get perfect results without damaging the stone's surface. Contact us for a free estimate on :08456524111 or email us !

Tikko stone care proudly offers the building facade restoration, renovation, renewal & cleaning services.

We will wash blast and scrub all surfaces to remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, algae, mildew, mould, marker pens, and paint.

Whether you have a domestic home or a large commercial property that requires facade or stone cleaning, we can provide quality service at a great price. Our knowledge and experience in the high pressure cleaning industry can take the hassle out of your property maintenance. Contact us today on 0845652 4111 or email us for a free quote or negotiate a regular scheduled maintenance program to meet your home or business needs.

All our staff is highly trained with many years of experience.

There are several reasons for considering a facade cleaning project. First and foremost is to maintain a pleasing aesthetic. Over time, soil build-up will occur on the surface areas of your building and when mixed with wind and rain, it will stain the exterior elevations.
By cleaning your building's facade, you are not only removing these soils and increasing your curb appeal, but you also eliminate decay caused by damaging pollutants. Whether it be a shopping center, office building, hotel or warehouse, a building's exterior helps communicate both its quality and that of the company managing the property.

Another reason to consider facade cleaning is to assist in monitoring a building's masonry surfaces. Dirt and grime can make evaluating your building's possible need for repairs difficult to detect. By maintaining a clean exterior, maintenance and repair issues are easier to identify and correct before developing into more costly expense.


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