Stone & Facade Cleaning

We specialize in high pressure washing for all stone and faced cleaning; our system delivers water up to 150 degrees centigrade and allows us to drop the water pressure significantly. This means it's the heat, not the pressure, which removes the surface dirt, grime and debris - so you'll get perfect results without damaging the stone's surface. Contact us for a free estimate on :08456524111 or email us !
We will wash blast and scrub all surfaces to remove dust, dirt, grease, grime, algae, mildew, mould, marker pens, and paint. [read_more]

Algae & Moss removal

We specialize in Moss removal for roof, patio or driveway. We have detailed knowledge of moss, algae and lichens and have the expertise to clean these from any surfaces safely and effectively. It is common to find growths such as algae, lichens, liverworts and moss growing on hard surfaces. Contrary to popular belief, they do not damage what they are growing on, but can cause patios, drives, paths and steps to become slippery.

At tikkoproduct we can remove safely any growing Moss with our superheated system.
Please call us on 0845 652 4111 or email us for a free quotation. [read_more]

Patio & Brick Cleaning

At Tikkostonecare we strive to deliver a professional friendly and efficient service where quality comes as standard using the most modern and advanced pressure cleaning techniques. Our fully insured, highly trained friendly committed team are looking forward to providing you a free no obligation quote for your house washing pressure cleaning services.
Please call us on 0845 652 4111 or email us for a free quotation.
We are experts in Pressure Cleaning, Sealing and Pointing, every different form of Patio and Driveways surface i.e. Block Paving, Stone, Sand Stone, Slate, Tarmac, Concrete etc. . [read_more]

Graffiti & Paint Removal

We focus on understanding the nature of substrates along with a range of other factors that can affect the outcome of high pressure cleaner works or chemical graffiti removal. This professional approach ensures that we can effectively remove marks completely without any traces of shadowing.
Whenever possible, the original appearance of the property will be retained or restored. After the area has been cleaned, anti-graffiti coatings can be applied. These can either be ''catcher coats'' consisting of silicone/wax or water-based polysaccharide compositions or chemical-resistant coatings.[read_more]