Specialist Graffiti and Paint removal

Graffiti can be difficult to remove, depending on the surface it is on. Many graffiti removal and restoration efforts can leave surfaces looking as bad, or worse, than before the work began.
We offer a fast response service targeted at the removal of offensive and abusive graffiti that if left can damage both business and lives. We aim to eliminate all graffiti quickly and effectively without causing damage to surfaces.
Tikko can offer a range of on-going services to businesses and councils, plus one-off cleaning for any commercial or residential premises. call Tikkostonecare  today for a professional service.

Tikko stone care is prepared to remove graffiti from:

  • •       Brick
  • •       Stone
  • •       Concrete
  • •       Wood
  • •       Utility boxes and poles
  • •       Signs
  • •       Pavement
  • •       Glassall

We will use the appropriate methods and chemicals, keeping in mind safety for the surfaces being cleaned, concern for environmental contamination and the health of the public and building occupants. Depending upon the size of the area to be cleaned, the surface and the medium used by the graffiti vandals, one or more of the following methods would be used:

  • •       Manual scraping and washing
  • •       Power washing
  • •       Power blasting (using safe media)

We focus on understanding the nature of substrates along with a range of other factors that can affect the outcome of high pressure cleaner works or chemical graffiti removal. This professional approach ensures that we can effectively remove marks completely without any traces of shadowing.

Whenever possible, the original appearance of the property will be retained or restored. After the area has been cleaned, anti-graffiti coatings can be applied. These can either be ''catcher coats'' consisting of silicone/wax or water-based polysaccharide compositions or chemical-resistant coatings. 

All our staff is highly trained with many years of experience.

Simply call us on 0845 652 4111 or contact us now to get a free quote for you paint or graffiti removal.

London Graffiti Removal